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Details of Game #24:       Jun 04, 2016
Moorestown 6   -   Summit 15     (State Championship)

Nj's # 1 team soundly defeated Moorestown 15-6 to advance to the TOC. This is the first year since 2010 and only the second year since 1997 that Moorestown is not playing in the Tournament of Champions.

Frustrating. Moorestown diplayed glimpses of being an outstanding team at various times this year but could not find the consistency to get over the proverbial hump. Playing a great Summit team that is very experienced with 10 senior starters did not help. This Hilltopper group has now been together in the TOC for the last four years.
Moorestown did win the draw 13-10, which is the start of a recipe to win the game but like so many times this year, turnovers (8 in the first half alone) and poor shooting did the Quakers in. In spite of the turnovers, Moorestown was still in the game at half, down 6-2.
The Quakers could never generate a cohesive offensive attack and forced too many quick shots, most of which were easy saves for Summit's goalie Maddy Collins who had eight on the day. On the defensive end, Moorestown held Summit in check early but as the day wore on the defense wore down due to the offense's inability to generate some time sustained scoring sets.
Credit Summit on the victory as they were the better team on this day handing Moorestown it's worst defeat in 25 years. They deserve to win the whole tournament and give their senior class and Head Coach Mike Walsh the trophy. It won't be easy as Ridgewood waits in the other semi final.
This 2016 MGLAX edition exemplified grit and determination and were led by an outstanding group of seniors. Jenna Martinelli and Anni Nissen did a great job of leading their teammates every day in practice and during one of the toughest schedules the Quakers have ever faced.
The Quakers took some of the highest nationally ranked teams down to the wire and never backed down in spite of so much adversity. Their story was a great one in spite of the overall record and disappointing ending. They will always be remembered for the chapter they added to the MGlax legacy, one that will be stronger going forward for their efforts.

Player Stats   Scores    Assists    Steals    Ground Balls    Legal Checks    Saves 
   00 00 01
   00 00 00
   00 02 00
   00 00 00
   21 01 00
   00 00 00
   00 00 00
   00 00 07
   00 01 00
   00 00 10
   10 00 00
   00 01 00
   00 00 00
   00 00 00
27   Cailin Field 20 00 00
45   Kayla Frank 00 01 00
1   Ava Frantz 00 00 00
21   Delaney Lawler 00 00 00
51   Robin Panzarella 11 00 10
47   Colette Smith 00 00 00

Totals 6 2 06 28

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